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Size Matters!

Have you ever workd on an “agile” project with a massive backlog of items that were rarely touched, nor prioritized. Have you ever been assigned a backlog item that you had no idea how to code? Have you been asked to estimate any software items? This article may give you some ideas about how to think about and solve these problems and more.

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Why Immutable

The first question I’d like to answer is "What does "immutable" actually mean?" The dictionary definition is "unchanging over time or unable to be changed". I believe it comes from the root mutate. Which means to change. Mutation in C# In C# we modify things all the time. Usually through setter properties on objects. That […]

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Throw If Away

What If? In all programming languages there are concepts of control flow. Control flow simply means the path the code will take when executed based on conditions. One of the most common mechanisms used for control flow is the infamous “if” keyword. In all the languages I have worked with there is a concept of […]

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